Why does CRUSH require a 30 day out planner?

It has been our experience that successful events require the planning skills of a professional event planner.  Sadly, we have worked with brides who did not have a planner and details were simple overlooked including things like a floorpan, thoughtful timeline and pertinent information that all vendors as well as your venue need to know.  We are happy to make recommendations upon request.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, we have an minimum order requirement to retain CRUSH for deliveries in GA, TN, AL, SC, & NC. This order minimum does not include your delivery fees, additional labor, or taxes.  We need to know your venue so we can calculate the delivery fee.  Other labor charges are based on the needs of your event.

Minimum orders are as follows:

Deliveries to anywhere 80 miles or greater from CRUSH HQ (1550 Oak Industrial Lane,Cumming, GA 30041) – please inquire for required minimum order as it varies.

Deliveries within 80 miles of CRUSH HQ  30041                                                                                                                                           Peak season which includes:   March – November. The minimum order of $2,500 is for CRUSH in stock items only and does not include delivery, taxes, or installation charges. For deliveries over 81 miles or out of state our order minimum is subject to change.

Non Peak Season which includes:  January, February & December. The minimum order is floating based on our availability. Please complete the “say hello” section or call for more information.

Where do you deliver?

If there are roads that travel to your desired destination then so can our team! We base our delivery fees on mileage, setup time, and sometimes overnight accommodations. We have and are delivering to anywhere in GA, TN, NC, FL, AL, and SC.

How far in advance do I book?

We are currently booking up to 10-12 months in advance. However, that doesn’t mean that your date is taken. When you inquire, please include your date, guest count, and venue so we may check our availability.

Do you offer custom work?

Yes, many times we are asked to help bring your vision to life by creating or building something special for you. There are 2 approaches we take: the first is that we custom build for you to own. The second option is when CRUSH loves the piece so much that we will consider building it, renting it to you for your event, and then keeping it for our collection for future clients.

What makes you different from other furniture rental companies?

This is my favorite part. We are completely client centric. We want you to be ecstatic with us from consult to execution. We are also very good listeners in that we pay close attention to the details like your color palettes, metals, florals, and any other décor that you love. This helps us to add in those special touches like complimentary lounge pillows and coffee table décor to create a cohesive and gorgeous setup!

How do I get a Quote for Draping and Lighting?

To provide estimated pricing for Draping; including ceremony backdrops, head table backdrops, divider walls, tent draping, ceiling draping, etc. please include the size of the area, height of ceiling and venue name. For example, a 30ft. divider wall that is 10 feet high. We have several options of drapery fabric which may change your estimate. If you see a photo in our gallery that you would like to duplicate, please let us know which one and we can quote for your venue.  Sometimes, we need to conduct a site visit so we can get the venue rules and regulations and see what types of attachment points that we can access. For new venues, a site visit is typically needed which cost $150 and will be credited to your invoice when you move forward with CRUSH.


For Lighting Quotes: Please let us know if you have an inspiration photo or one from our gallery. Ideally we would like to know the size of the area and what type of lighting you would like to use. For example, cafe lighting over a dance floor or cafe lighting throughout a space with mix and match chandeliers.

To schedule a consultation at our Design Studio or for more information about our services please email or contact:

Tracy Smith

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